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Earn $100,000 a Month In Your Underwear

by Becky Jenkins

Can you really make $100,000 per month in your underwear?This is a guest post by Mats Leofkvist, he is one of the new type of internet marketer who tells you as it is, I love his honest upfront approach and  you can find out more about Mats here

Last week I saw this statement in an online Ad, “Earn $100,000 a Month In Your Underwear” and it reminded me about what I did wrong for so long. 


Can you really make $100,000 per month in your underwear?

I have been struggling for a long time, desperately trying to get something working online and I know that I am not alone with this struggle. When I finally tried everything I could think about and it was still not working, I took the leap and jumped on a “Getting Rich Quick” promises like the statement above in a desperate attempt to get a few dollar back. 

What happened? It didn’t work and I had lost more money. This went on for some time and needless to say, I lost all hope. 

I left the whole mess and decided not to do it again. I was finished with internet marketing.  The problem was that I couldn’t get it out of my head, I felt like a failure. I knew that other people could do it, so why couldn’t I? What was wrong with me? 

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

I tried to forget about internet marketing but some part of me was still looking for an opportunity to continue. One day when checking my mails I found a coaching offer from an English guy called Alex Jeffries. He talked about the fundamental things that needs to be in place before you can start being successful, the psychology behind internet marketing plus that he was very natural in his way of communicating. 

I instantly knew that I couldn’t make it without a mentor but I was so scared to make another mistake that I left it to think about for a few days. However, the day came when I went back to that mail and clicked the link to the sign-up page. I was sweating when I took out the credit card and I didn’t tell my wife who wouldn’t agree with me as we hardly could pay our monthly bills. 

With shaking fingers I pushed in those numbers and clicked Submit. It was accepted and done. Now I had no way out, except succeeding. 

Easy in the beginning.

Everything exceeded my expectations and I was taken step by step through the basics with incredible clarity and many times I thought, I know this already but I really didn’t. However, one day I had this “Ahaa” experience, suddenly knowing that I was creating a business with a whole system behind it, not only a website with some random offers.

Now I understood that the online business is no different than any other business. If you don’t know how to walk – you can’t run and if you don’t get the basics in internet marketing right – you can’t make money.

Simple, isn’t it?

It is such an incredible experience to know that you are on the right track and not just shooting in the dark. At this time I am only making small drops of money but the drops can develop into a pond and finally into a river.

I found the confidence to tell my wife about what I am doing which I am not sure was a good idea, she is now expecting me to succeed which puts a lot of new pressure on me.

To be fair I must let you know that there are great systems and software out there that can help you make more money but if you try to use them without having your basic online business in place, it will not work.

If you are serious about Online business, I have loads of helpful content on my blog, please check it out now

To Your Success

Mats Loefkvist

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  1. April 18, 2011

    It is good to know there some honest mentors out there.

    • April 19, 2011

      It is so good to know that there are people out there like you Maddy who don’t want the hype and just want an honest approach to making it online. All the best Becky

  2. July 1, 2012

    It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I’m glad that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. akash singh permalink
    July 6, 2012

    i earn money at any cost so plz give a right way

    • July 6, 2012

      Hi Akash, there are so many ways different ways to earn money online, from creating your own products, affiliate marketing to trading and betting. Have you tried anything? Let me know what interests you in getting started with and I’ll help point you in the best direction.

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