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Google Penguin – Helpful or Harmful to your business?

by Becky Jenkins

Google Penguin - Helpful or Harmful to your business?

These penguins are cute and harmless, but what about the Google penguin?

Real Penguins are quite harmless and cute, but beware of the Google Penguin.

Last weekend in between rain showers and sunshine I was enjoying a day at Bristol zoo, as my daughter had a zoo keeper experience. It was whilst I was watching her feeding the penguins, that my mind was distracted from these harmless, real penguins in front of me, to the real and potentially harmful Google Penguin update that was released in recent months.

The Google Penguin is an  update by Google  engineers in an effort to provide more accurate search results, and this latest update targets sites with artificial link acquisition or link spam, basically the practice of acquiring links that are not naturally attained.  Buying links for example is not a strategy that pays off in the long run, neither is having back links from irrelevant sites.

Over doing anchor text is also being penalised, and linking to sites considered dangerous with virus’s and malware are also being penalised.

So what can you do to to prevent being impacted by Google Penguin?

Writing good quality unique content wins hands down, and will always result in others wanting to link with you naturally and continue to build back links that are of quality and relevant.

If you’d like to find ways in which to optimise your website for  search engine optimisation, you might find this article of interest.

This is also an excellent video from Koozai tv which provides some more detail about the update.

Whatever industry or sector you work in, there are always those who  cut corners, and use underhand techniques to gain an unfair advantage over those who take a  professional approach, so I’m in favour of  the Google Penguin update, and as long as you adhere to good practice in your seo, you’ll find the Google penguin as harmless as the ones at the zoo.







WordPress Top Plugins – from full backup to SEO

by Becky Jenkins
Top WordPress Plugins

Top WordPress Plugins

I love using WordPress and the wordpress top plugins for creating websites, because it’s straightforward,


and easy to use. The versatility of the plugins that you can add to your blog are effortless to apply and provide a wide range of functionality to your site.

 So here is a list of my  WordPress top plugins, plus a WordPress demo taking you behind the scenes of my blog where I demonstrate my most favoured plugin, plus I’ll show you how to  access all the free plugins and how to install one. If you don’t already have a WordPress blog then you can download one for free, it comes with free hosting at  With this you can create a simple blog which could be used for affiliate marketing, but it’s restrictive in terms of customisation and you have to pay for extras, such as not allowing  advertising to be placed on your blog.

 However if you want a more customised design then this website offers a great range of themes plus a free bonus theme when you purchase, with this option you self host your blog which in turn gives you more flexibility and control over how your wordpress blog looks.

As you might expect there are stacks of WordPress plugins, both paid and free and in my list of top WordPress plugins, I’ve got one paid plugin that’s invaluable and the rest are free!

 No 1 WordPress Top plugins – SEO Pressor

 It has to be SEO Pressor, this gives me an seo score for every blog post I create and the post is automatically optimised for search engine purposes. For example it automatically adds keywords to images, underscores keywords, it analysis the keyword content and density.  Take a look at my video to find out more or go to the seo pressor website.  (It only works on a self hosted wordpress blogs). This plugin is rightly at No 1 spot, it’s a top WordPress plugin, without a doubt. (You can read a more detailed report on SEO Pressor here)

No 2  WordPress Top Plugins – Akismet

Every blog needs Akismet unless you choose to be bombarded with spam comments, it’s free for personal use and a bargain for business use.

No 3 WordPress Top Plugins -  Bulletproof security

This plugin provides security to your blog and protects both your root website folder and WP admin folder as well as additional website security, highly recommended.

No 4  WordPress Top Plugins  - Commentluv

Reward your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. A simple and effective way to encourage more comments.

No 5  WordPress Top Plugins – Google Analytics for WordPress

This plugin makes it simple to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog, adding lots of features, eg. custom variables and automatic clickout and download tracking.

No 6  WordPress Top Plugins – Google XML Site Maps

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.

No 7  WordPress Top Plugins –  Complete Backup

WP Complete Backup for WordPress, makes a complete backup for your WP database and all WP files, the backups are stored on your webserver, it’s reassuring to know that everything is backed up.

 No 8 WordPress Top Plugins – WP Super Cache

A very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files. It speeds up the loading performance of your blog for your audience. No one wants a slow loading website.

No 9 WordPress Top Plugins – Artiss Youtube embed

I love using video so this plugin (formally YouTube Embed) it’s  incredibly simple, yet powerful, method of embedding YouTube videos into your WordPress site. So no excuses for not having video on your site.

No 10  WordPress Top Plugins – Twitter Facebook Social Share

This plugin allows you to put your social buttons on your site, the added benefit of it is that all the JavaScript required for social share buttons is loaded in the footer, so that it does not interfere with the loading of contents on your site. This keeps your page loading time to optimum an optimum, which is a must after Google Panda update.

No 11   WordPress Top Plugins – Tweet Old Post

This plugin simply tweets old posts to generate traffic to your blog, you can set different timings for the tweets to be posted, and maximizes the exposure of your old posts.

No 12 WordPress Top Plugins -  Thank me later

I’ve only recently installed this plugin, which automatically sends a thank you email to those who write a comment on my blog, so post a comment to see how it works.

No 13 WordPress Top Plugins –  WP Greet

A plugin that creates a message to your new visitors depending on which referrer url they came from, for example if they came from Twitter, a message suggesting that they tweet your post would pop up.  Messages can be customised.

No 14  WordPress Top plugins –  WPTouch

WPTouch automatically transforms your WordPress website into an application-like theme, complete with ajax, loading articles and effects when viewed from the most popular mobile web browsing devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile devices, Palm and BlackBerry mobile devices.

So that’s my list of WordPress top plugins, offering  great functionality at your fingertips!

Top WordPress Plugins

Wordpress Top Plugins

Marketing Tips – Is Attraction Marketing all it’s cracked up to be?

by Becky Jenkins
Is there value in being authentic and attraction marketing?

Marketing Tips - is attraction marketing all it's cracked up to be?

Marketing Tips - What type of marketer are you?


This week I took the time to really clear out my inbox and unsubscribe from rather than just delete those irritating emails from those who don’t add any value, you know the sort, pounding offer after offer, with no substance to them, just full of hype and undeliverable promises with no valuable content or marketing tips.

It’s so easy to create valuable content,  take a look at my video marketing tips article as an example, it doesn’t need to be flash!

I’m so anti the hyped up, non existent added value style of marketing because it doesn’t build relationships or trust with people, and it doesn’t have the interests of  customers and subscribers at heart, and to my mind that’s not the way to do business.
I feel so strongly about it that I’ve decided that I’m only recommending, and learning from those who have at their core, values of integrity & honesty and who really care about the success of their customers, and who provide valuable free and paid for marketing tips, training and how to style information.

How you position yourself as a marketer is crucial, start with your core values, write them down and make sure every piece of marketing and work that you do reflects your values and what’s important to you, and be the best that you can be.

Marketing Tips – Authentic Marketing leads to Attraction Marketing

The time is right for  more authentic marketing, which inturn will lead to attraction marketing,  because as your audience relates to your authentic message they are more attracted to what you have to say, and what you stand for. Authentic marketing is exactly what  it  needs to be, authentic, and attraction marketing follows as a result.  How can you attract, engage and sustain your audience if your message is not authentic, from the heart and full of passion?

People want authenticity

It’s our core authentic message that we need to get it out there, with energy, with authority and vigour, it doesn’t matter what the niche or business is, the facts back up that we buy from those we relate to, trust and  who care about our success.

Is there any value in authentic marketing?

Getting their authentic voice heard has made a massive difference to the success of many marketers, people like the enthusiastic social media expert Jo Barnes and entrepreneur/coach Christian Pankhurst  for example.
Let’s take Christian, who’s  had amazing success, going from being in debt & over whelmed to $1m in  online sales in just 24 months, in a tough economy.  He’s done so by getting his message right, delivering it from the heart and resonating with his audience. He coaches on the subject of authenticity and how to get results with a heart centred business.

Marketing Tips – How clear is your message, and who is your audience?

Create a very clear picture of your target customers, I call this the customer avatar, and write it down, what are their aspirations, desires, age, what is their lifestyle etc?  You can only attract people to you if you know the audience you want to attract.  Be authentic with your message, show them that you can relate to them, and how you understand them, what their concerns and fears are and how you have the ability to teach and show them things that will benefit them and make a difference to their lives.

If your voice and message is authentic and congruent then attraction marketing will be a worthy outcome, but first be clear about your message and the audience you are aiming to connect with.

Be true to yourself and your values,  it’s one of the best marketing tips I can give.




SEO Techniques that work

by Becky Jenkins

Whether you’re a niche marketer or providing web services to local business’s you’ll want to use the best SEO techniques to get your websites or those of your clients to the top of the search engines.

This blog post focuses on onpage SEO techniques, which are the things you can do to your blog or website to maximise it for search engine optimisation, things such as adding video, keywords, anchor text, alt tags are all good onpage SEO techniques.

I’ve found that with the combination of video and a paid plugin for WordPress that I have one of the very best SEO techniques at my finger tips, which gives me good ‘free’ traffic. I put the word ‘free’ in quotations because no traffic is actually free, if you take the time to write the article it has cost you time.

When I combine blog posts with video and the super plugin called SEOPressor I get to page one Google faster, even on competitive keywords.

SEOPressor is a paid for plugin which works automatically to ensure that your on page seo is at its best, it gives your website page or article a ranking percentage, and clear instructions on what you have to do to improve your seo techniques further.

SEO Techniques – Manage your keyword density.

For example your keyword density needs to be between 2 – 4 %, less than that is ineffective and more than that is considered too spammy. Seo Pressor will tell you your keyword density and automatically put your keywords in italics, underscore and embolden them, all good seo techniques.

Adding H1, H2 H3 to your posts are excellent SEO Techniques.

It will also tell you if you have H1, H2 and H3 headers with your keyword in, adding keywords to your first and last sentences and other excellent seo techniques. You simply follow the instructions and see your percentage increase, and when you have reached 100% you are good to publish your post or website page, confident in the fact that you have optimised your page with some first class seo techniques.

Combine video and the use of SEOPressor for powerful SEO Techniques

Add a short video, either your own or an appropriate video from YouTube that you are free to use and you’ ll be impressed with the results you get with these killer SEO techniques.

If you would like some video tips, please take a look at this blog post on video marketing

Click here for details of SEOPressor, it has over 15,000,000 users, and you can either purchase a single licence for one site or unlimited domains licence which is particularly useful if you ‘re into different niches and have multiple websites.

SEOPressor uses a secret algorithm that works in the very manner that the Google search engine works to rank its websites. Using this particular algorithm, it is almost a no-brainer for SEOPressor to understand what it actually takes for a website to shoot right up to the top rung on the Google search pile. This is the one thing that has made SEOPressor so effective amongst seo techniques.

After you purchase the plugin you download in and then install it as you would any other plugin in the admin area of your wordpress blog, you use your order number to activate it.

It’s very easy to use and combined with video its going to be one of the seo techniques you benefit from the most.

Easy Video Marketing Tips

by Becky Jenkins

This has to be the fastest video marketing tip ever, it takes less than 1 minute to implement, it’s free and it enables you to get more out of your videos by putting a clickable link on a YouTube video so that you can send the viewer to any website of your choice, (not just to another YouTube video).

Use this technique and put the video on your blog posts, or in articles. It’s simple but effective.

First of all grab the URL of the YouTube video you want to use, copy the last digits after the = symbol and then go to LinkedTube and fill in the details, watch the video for a full demo.

If you haven’t created any YouTube videos yet, then you can find out how to get the benefits of video marketing without making your own videos with this video marketing article.

Video Marketing is effective, and the growth for video continues, with YouTube being the second largest search engine using video is essential, the great news is you don’t have to go in front of the camera to get started, as you can use screen capture software as the result can be just as good.

Simple Web Design – No FTP, Code or Hosting needed.

by Becky Jenkins

no ftp, no hosting, no code, just simple web design

Simple web design, no code, ftp or hosting required


This is the easiest and most simple web design software I have come across, ever.  It’s designed for internet marketers by an internet marketers, so it has all the functionality that you would expect. 

What I particularly love about this simple web design software is that it only took me about 10 minutes to create a sales page, and I was new to the software, it’s very intuitive and easy to use.  It’s perfect for affiliate marketers who  want to be able to create web pages in the quickest possible time, from sales pages, to squeeze pages to thankyou pages.  There are many different themes to choose from and you  follow a template to create a simple web design that looks highly professional.

The software also allows you to optimise your website for SEO purposes, and the package includes hosting, so no need to upload your website to the internet, and you don’t need to write any code either.  

There is a cool slide show facility, so if you don’t want to create a video for the web page, you can effortlessly add a slide show video by uploading graphics and images. 

The software integrates with a wide selection of autoresponders so you can create opt in pages and exit splashes with opt in forms, and you can also design full content authority sites with this simple web design software too . 

Pricing comes in three options,  however there is a limited bonus option which gives you unlimited sites for life, unlimited hosting and a free Flowplayer licence for your videos.  You can try it risk free for 60 days by clicking here autobuildit simple web design software. 

You also get 12 months free support. 

I only recommend internet marketing products that I have tried myself, and I am a big wordpress fan, but this simple web design software makes WordPress seem complicated . 


Watch the video to see a short demonstration of just how easy it is, and click here for a risk free 60 day access to the  Autobuildit  simple web design software. 

Inbound Marketing – What is it and how to get started

by Becky Jenkins

Inbound marketing - how to get started?

How to get started with an inbound marketing plan

Do you have an inbound marketing strategy and does it make sense to have one?

The term inbound marketing has been around for a few years now and refers to you or your business receiving leads from people who are interested in finding out more about your service or product offering.

Instead of using traditional offline methods such as trade shows, conferences and business events, inbound marketing refers to online marketing that can generate leads for your business.

In order to benefit from inbound marketing you have to distribute information and content about your businss via the internet, and it’s not simply a case of just promoting your products but more a case of adding value by providing useful content and information relevant to your target audience so that you become recognised as an expert in your field. When that happends you begin to build trust with your audience and you can benefit from ‘warm’ leads coming to your business.

There are many ways to start an inbound marketing strategy, from micro blogging sites to video content, and the key is to get all of your content pointing to your main website. If you’re new to it, it can be rather confusing about where to start and what is going to give you the best return, the important part as in most things is to get started and the two free guides below will give you some ideas and point you in the right direction.

I highly recommend downloading the two free guides below as they are an excellent source of information on how to get started with an inbound marketing campaign for your business.
How To Use Facebook for business and the other is How to Enchance Your Internet Presence with Social Media.
We’ve all heard the statistics, 800 million Facebook users, 46% of daily searches are for info on products, 78% of internet users conduct product research online, and your business could benefit from these statistics, so if you don’t have a clear inbound marketing strategy, these two guides will be an excellent place to start.

Easy Video Marketing Tips – How To Get Started with Video Marketing

by Becky Jenkins

The benefits of video marketing are considerable, faster and higher search engine rankings and increased conversions are just two powerful advantages, but if you don’t have video marketing experience what’s  the best way to get started? 

4 simple steps to getting started with video marketing

4 Simple Steps to getting started with video marketing

The good news is that when you start there is no need to buy any expensive equipment or go in front of the camera, recording your computer screen is a highly effective way of creating valuable video marketing content that your audience will appreciate. 

Firstly think of something that your target audience would find useful that you could present as a tip or advice.  If you produce articles you could take one of those and turn it into a how to video. 

The best length for a how to video is up to 3 minutes.  Create your video using presentation software such as power point and record the screen using software such as Camtasia which is available for MAC and PC and comes with a free trial period so you can try it out first. 

Have a few practice run throughs, maintain a clear and engaging voice and ensure your message is easy to understand and follow. 

When you have created your marketing video, simply upload it to YouTube, give it an interesting title, tag it and either put it on your website or blog or upload it to the hundreds of video sharing sites on the internet.    

Watch the video for an overview of the 4 easy steps to getting started with video marketing.  

If you want all the benefits of video marketing but simply don’t want to create your own video you might like this article which shows you how to do just that.    Video Marketing Benefits without creating a video

If you want success with your video marketing sign up for more free tips and information using the form on the top right or  head over to video marketing

Easy Video Marketing Tips – How to get the benefits without making a video

by Becky Jenkins

How to benefit with video marketing without having to create a video

There are many advantages of video marketing, with YouTube being the second largest search engine receiving  over 4 billion hits per day, therefore  if you don’t have video on your website you are missing out.


What are the benefits of  video marketing? 

Statistics prove that conversions increase with video on the website,  plus you get higher up the search engines faster, and people simply prefer to watch video over reading text.   According to SEO master  Bruce Clay,  who says ‘in the future , if you dont have video on your  website you’re  just not  going to  rank.  You will be last among equals if you don’t have video.’

But how can you get some of the many advantages that video marketing has to offer, if you have no interest, desire or intention  to make your own videos, despite the many benefits video will bring to your business?

I have the answer for you, just watch the 3 minute video below, to find out how you can get  some of the  benefits.  I’ll show you exactly how you can enjoy having your website high up the search engines  without having to do any video recordings, or even upload a video to YouTube.

 Want to know more about video marketing?

If on the other hand you would like to know more about creating your own videos to use as part of your internet marketing strategy, then take a look at Video Marketing Breakthrough to get all the benefits of video marketing and loads more tips.

The right ‘buy now button’ can make a 100% improvement in your conversions

by Becky Jenkins
The right buy now button can make all the difference to your results

Discover the right words to increase conversions with your buy now button

When launching a new product there is a stack, and by that I mean a massive stack of things to do, including making sure you have the best wording for your ‘buy now button’. 

One of the things I have learnt that testing is so important, no doubt you have heard that before but I can speak from the heart that it’s essential.

Split testing is the fastest way to discover which works best, so when I made a big mistake with my buy now button I wanted to share it with  you as quickly as possible so that you could benefit from it too.

What is the best colour for your buy now button?

There is a real art to ensuring you get the best response to your sales page buy now button. Did you know that orange is the best colour for it, and that changing the wording from buy now to add to cart can increase sales by 100%?  Using navy text establishes trust and a text buy now below a buy now button means you’ve captured both options.

A dashed line around your ‘add to cart / buy now button’ increases conversions further

A dashed border around the add to cart button increases conversions by a further 5 – 10% and price drops add another 15% improvement.

Watch Perry Belcher’s video to find out more and go here to get the most tested buy now / add to cart button  for free. is Digg proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache